Karimi Sisters

Send us 50$ plus the  picture you desire to be drawn; include your address.
The moment we recieve your payment, we'll be on the job,
and you will recieve your
drawing shortly.
WARNING: max two faces per picture
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   directory  |  phone number: 999.999.2222

Contact Shanti and Tabrizi Karimi

Phone: (514) 764-0617

Email Address: karimiarts@gmail.com

Physical Address: 599 rue cure vermette
Laval QC. Canada H7V 1S3

We would just like to thank the photographers of these beautiful pictures we have used to guid us as we draw. These are not our personal photos , nor do we have legal rights on them, for the owners are difficult to find. We use these only to show our art capability not for monetary purposes; purchased sketches will be of photos legally obtained. Please contact us if you truly believe these should be removed.
Thanks once​ again to the artists of these pictures.
Special thanks to John Lennon Art Facebook & The Beatles Through the Years Blog (http://thebeatlesthroughtheyears.blogspot.com/)
for featuring our artwork on their web pages.​​